Banyan Tree


Death Valley

From Wildrose Canyon Road

Entrance - Charcoal Kiln

Twenty Mule Train

Ruins of Harmony Borax Works

Glittering Sand

Sand Tones

Dimples in Sand

Sand and footprints

Sand Impressions


The Path

Torture Chamber



Rimrock Hoodoos

Juniper and Sandstone

Sandstone Carving - 2

Swirling Clouds

Bowling Ball Beach -4

Ride to Nowhere


IR Ghost Car


Plant detail

Canyon Patterns

Dancers on the wall

Water amid rocks

Tenaya Lake

New York Streets - 3

Weaving amid the rocks

Through a window

Ripples and Reflections

Land and sea

Snow ents

In the sky

Couple in black and white

Wave stopped in time

Wave Crash

Wave Crash - 1

Beach Flowers in Black and White

Rock Detail

Shark Teeth Rocks

Wave Crash - 3