Yuan Chaac\’s Nose

Yuan Chaac\
Yuan Chaac\’s Nose, by Suprada on Flickr.

Yuan Chaac\’s Nose, Uxmal, Mexico.

Yuan Chaac (pronounced yuuuun chaaaaac) is the ancient Maya god of rain and lightning. He was one of the earliest and most worshipped gods among the all the people of mesoamerica. Chac was often depicted with a serpentine axe in his hand a metaphor for lightning, and his body was scaled and reptilian. He was worshipped at sacred wells or cenotes, and was associated with the life giving rain needed for agriculture. At the dawn of time Chac split apart a sacred stone with his axe, from which sprung the first ear of maize. When he was not among the clouds the god could be found near falling waters.

Uxmal doesn\’t have very many cenotes (the underground fresh water pools). The Maya here depended on the rains. Not surprisingly, they built Uxmal trying to draw the benevolent eye of their rain god. Chaac is always invoked with the long hooked nose, shown in the photo above. He was a reptilian god, and the architecture in Uxmal echoes, celebrates and worships snakes.

Post – Processing Notes:
I shot this image in RAW mode and used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 for my post-processing. After importing the photos into Lightroom and keywording them, I used two Lightroom develop presets available for free on the internet.

I first used the \”Wet Chrome” preset by Terry Johnston I found on Flickr. Search for \”Wet Chrome” in this page to download the preset.
I then followed it by using \”BW1″ from the set of BW presets from 640 pixels to convert to Black and White. Yes, this set of very high contrast and very good black and white conversions is free! I then tweaked the image using the adjustment brush and the other lightroom controls to get the image to my liking.
What do you think about the image and the post-processing?

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Technical Details:
Camera: Canon Rebel XT
Exposure: 1/180 at f/4.0
Focal Length: 15mm
ISO: 100
WB: Daylight
Lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM SLR Lens for EOS Digital SLRs
Date: December 25, 2009
Filter: Singh-Ray Neutral LB Polarizer

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