SoFoBoMo 2011

These days I am very excited about participating in SoFoBoMo 2011 – \”The worst photo competition in the world\”. For those of you who don\’t know about SoFoBoMo – it stands for Solo Photo Book Month. What are the rules?

Make a photography ebook/PDF with a minimum of 35 photos . From the shooting to layout to finishing and posting -it needs to be completed within 31 days. Participants can begin any time between July 1 and aug #1 – but once they start they have 31 days.

Sounds nuts? Sounds challenging? Sounds easy? You should try it. It\’s not too late to give it a go. You can go here to register until July 30 2011.

So why am I taking part in this? After being in a photo-coma for the first half of this year, this is an awesome way to regain my photo-conscious. I need the discipline of dedicated photography, the challenge of trying to photograph with a theme / idea in mind and ending up with a related body of photos – a project! I like the challenge of creating a book – of grappling with layout, format – of learning about editing and designing and typography. Most of all, it is very nicely self contained – there is a beginning and an end. If I don\’t make a book in 31 days – the time-period is over – and my tendency to carry on forever can\’t play here.

My SoFoBoMo month started last Saturday – July 7 – when I started taking some photos. I signed up for SoFoBoMo 2011 back in May. Since then, I have been doing some research / prep work. I have been reading the resources section of the SoFoBoMo website, tips from other participants. I have also been looking into which desktop publishing software to use, studying book design, basic typography, layout , editing etc – what fun! All the while eagerly waiting for July to begin.

Meanwhile, I found a blog post by Niels Henrikson where he suggests the following schedule:
Week 1 – Image Collection
Week 2 – Processing
Week 3 Editing and Arranging
Week 4 – Publishing ebook and Done.

Which is what I planned to do exactly – but now, there is a modification:

Week 1 – Shooting, first round of selection
Week 2 – Editing photos, printing draft copies of photos which make the cut, getting bthe ook template ready, if time allows, some more shooting
Week 3 -Selecting the pre-final cut, draft copy of book with images, reshooting if necessary
Week 4 – Last week for polishing the book.

Before I started on my SoFoBoMo month, I decided on what I would shoot this time around as a part of my preparation (allowed by the rules). I decided on the working title of my book \”Confluences\”, the tag line being \”when day meets night, when water meets land\”. My idea was to shoot the spectacular beaches of Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties at twilight – either around sunset or sunrise. I wanted to use the digital Holga lens from and a Peleng 8mm fisheye lens for this. And use Scribus – a free desktop publishing software (alternative to Adobe InDesign) to create the book. And accompany photos with text and maybe some poetry. The photograph below inspired me to choose my theme for this project. More on what\’s happening since July 7 on my next post.

Blue Hour
Blue Hour, by Suprada on Flickr.

Blue Hour, 4 Mile Beach, Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz County.

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon EOS 50D
Exposure: 2.5s at f/4.5Focal Length: 11mm
Lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm
ISO: 400
WB: Daylight
Date: March 04, 2011

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  1. Was it the same project that you used for Gogol last year .. or was it the year before?

    Hope the chip on the peleng does not cause issues with your project, let me know if it does, would be glad to buy you a new one.

    Nice to see you back : )

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