The Sweeper – People at Modhera Series

The Sweeper - People at Modhera Series

The Sweeper – People at Modhera series
Modhera, Gujarat, India.

I was in Modhera, Gujarat, India during December 2011. The really old Sun temple here, built between 1022 – 1063 AD. is an awesome place with exquisite architecture. And since this is a ruined temple, only visitors were around. Since I reached there early (but not early enough for my liking), the caretaker there was still around, sweeping the place. Its like one of the cravings came to life, put on modern clothes and was taking care of the place for the fellow carvings (yeah..time to go get some coffee..).

I processed the photograph in Lightroom 3, apart from some basic processing, used BoonDoggle 2 – a free develop preset available as a part of 14 free presets from Wonderland presets.

Other photos in the \”People at Modhera” series
School Kids –

Technical Details:

Camera: Olympus E-PL3
Exposure: 1/125s at f11.0
Focal Length: 14mm
Lens: Olympus M.Zuiko ED 14-42mm II f3.5-5.6
ISO: 200

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