Sea Theme for Flogr / Flickr

Sea Theme for Flogr / Flickr

I have finally done it! After planning to do so for almost 2 years, I have finally come up with a free theme – Sea for Flogr for you to use!

Let me rewind a bit – If you have gone to the \”Flickr Gallery” section of my website, you will see photos in a web photo gallery format. These photographs are actually my Flickr Sets.

I use the excellent free program – Flogr by Mike Carruth for this section of my website. From Mike\’s description: \”Flogr is a flexible script that displays your flickr photos in a customizable photo gallery you host on your website. If you use flickr but want to have a different look and feel for your photo gallery you may like flogr.\”

What you do is: you install this script on your web host space (with your domain name), and point it to your Flickr account – now you have a website to showcase you photographs. You can see how convenient this is, can\’t you? All you have to do is manage your photographs on Flickr, organize into sets and tag them, and voila – you have a fully functional web gallery!

Well, for my website, a while back, I had customized the stock themes which came with Flogr to match the rest of my website and customized the pages I wanted it to show. Over time I had a lot of people ask me (ok… maybe just a few people…) how I did it. That had given me the ides of coming up with a similar theme and distributing it for free.

So after a lot of procrastinating, here it is! My new theme Sea is yours to download. It is a light bright serene theme which will relax and de-stress you while at the same time inspire you to take your photography to the next level – and it will stun visitors to your web gallery by how awesome your photos are and what a bad-ass photographer you are— all for free! (Is that a good marketing pitch or what!).

You can take the Sea theme for a test drive and find out for sure – here. And after that, since you were stunned and wanted to stun other people with your photos, you can download the theme here. And you can download Flogr here.

Enjoy! (All marketing speak aside, if you do use the theme, I would really appreciate a note!)

And for those of you who didn\’t want to read through all that, here are quick links.

Quick Links:
Download Sea: Here
Download Flogr: Here

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