Weekly Inspiration #1

Here is the first post in a new series (all word, maybe some pictures some day?) called Weekly Inspiration which is about (I\’m sure you just can\’t guess this…) about what inspired me this week.

1. The War of Art by author Steven Pressfield.
I read about this book a while ago and bought it a while back as well. However, I keep going back and reading it again and again whenever in need of some motivation. It is a must read if you are an artist / entrepreneur / DIY enthusiast of any sort who has issues with doing what you want to. Basically, it will kick your butt and tell you to get moving and start doing what you want to in a foreceful, fun and emphatic manner. You should read the reviews on Amazon.

Kindle Amazon link: The War of Art – Kindle Edition
Amazon Paperback Link: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

2. Blog post link: An exceedingly simple Guide to a keeping a journal by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits
I have always read about poeple keeping journals, and have always wanted to write a journal. However I\’ve always had excuses – no time, takes too much time, too tired and rather sleep, woke up too late to write etc…Leo has a radical (and simple) new approach to journal keeping. If you are like me, then his method just might work for you. I am giving it a try since I read his post this week.

3.Blog post – What does it take to succeed in photography? by Kirk Tuck at The Visual Science Lab
I always feel like I suck at what I want to be good in – photography (and climbing and cycling and…). And like millions of others, I try to read up on what people who have made it – or on their way to making it have to say. In this post. Kirk talks about how discipline is what he considers is the top of the list. And I agree with him. You should go and read his post – its awesome.
Here are his suggestions quoted from his post.

\”Don\’t miss practice.
Practice good technique.
Don\’t cheat yourself.
Don\’t give in.
Don\’t give up.
Don\’t settle for less.
Work through the pains and disappointments.\”
– Kirk Tuck at VSL