Weekly Inspiration #2

Like all good things I start with, the starts are always accompanied with hiccups, with spurts and pauses… and so is this series. Here are this week\’s inspirations.

1. Rory Sutherland\’s Talk on TED Talks – \”Perspective is everything\”.

2.The Silliness of Busyness from Zen Habits.

I\’m too busy today to work on my photographs. I have too many things to do to play with my cat for the next 10 minutes. I have no time to read a verse of Dogen\’s poetry… And on and on and on it goes… No time to do things which bring me joy..but I do have ample time to shred old receipts (which need to be done..but at what cost?). The author here points out how silly our mindsets have become…a good one to read and contemplate.

3. Waka by Dogen

Dewdrops on a blade of grass,
Having so little time
Before the sun rises;
Let not the autumn wind
Blow so quickly on the field.

4. Peter Matthiessen from The Snow Leopard

All my life, I have hurried down between these walls, the sun crossing high over my head, voice swept away in the din of this green flood. The river, and life goin, the excruciating sun: why do I hurry?
– Peter Matthiessen

5. Amazing time lapse movie shared with me by a friend.
This beautiful work is by Luke Humphrey on Vimeo. I watch this in awe.

Intention for the week: Slow Down!