What do I want from my photography?

This is a question which I\’ve been thinking about for a while… what is it that I want from my photography?

I used to think I wanted my photographs to make me famous, like Ansel Adams or Anne Geddes – and be known as a great master photographer. Turns out, I don’t really care about the fame… I don’t deny my ego boost whenever someone looks at my photos and says something nice. But photographs making me famous – if it happens, sure…but I\’m not losing any sleep over it.

I used to think that what I want is for my photographs to spread joy – to uplift people when they look at my photos. Hmm..that\’s a lofty goal isnt it?

Well, turns out, I don’t really care….its good if people do find joy in a photo or two, or a photo or two makes them think…but if they don’t, doesn’t mean I\’m going to stop photographing.

I used to think that I want my photographs to make me a lot of money …but because they don’t, doesn\’t mean I \’m going to give up photography!

So what is it that I want out of photography? Well, I\’m still in search of an answer to that one…

Meanwhile, here is what I know now, as of now, my current truth: I photograph because I need to , and I post photographs here because I want to – and that’s about it…

2 thoughts on “What do I want from my photography?

  1. Nice elucidation of your need to photograph. I just wanted to add one more to the list from my perspective.

    The challenge of capturing a scene as you picture it. Most times my need to photograph starts and ends in that moment where I am seeing something and I want to capture it with all its glory. Most times I don’t succeed and the challenge continues. So my need for photography is very short lived. I guess that’s also a reason why I don’t have a photo blog. 🙂

  2. That’s a good reason too – the challenge.

    Its very interesting to hear different perspectives on why we do this thing called photography…

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