LMMM – Week One in Review

One week up in my LMMM challenge. 7 more to go.
Overall rating for week one – I feel quite bad about my week one.

The ugly:
1. I shot about 160 photos – not enough.
2. More than 50% of these are out of focus – and that too with focus peaking enabled.
3. Even worse, 97% of my photos are underexposed.
4. And the other 3% are overexposed.
5. What to shoot has become very tough – and how to make nice (to-me) photos of everyday life.

The Good:
1. I am back on track keeping my photos organized.
2. I am taking a lot more photos of my daughter. Underexposed, slightly out-of-focus – whatever – I got a few nice photos which I will treasure.
3. I now have a realistic view on how tough this is going to be
4. I\’m writing here more often!
5. I\’m getting to play with some nice plugins!

Looking forward to Week two, here is what I hope to do:

1. Take photos of my cat (Yes! The world needs more cat photos!)
2. Take more photos of my daughter.
3. Take photos of birds on hanging out on electric lines, traffic lights and telephone lines. (This project has been simmering in my head for quite some time)
4. Be more conscious of by aperture / depth of field – try to nail exposure more often.

So, on to week two. Time to find my cat…

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