iHDR Seminar by Jay and Varina – Attendee notes

Over the weekend, I attended the iHDR seminar taught by Jay and Varina Patel here in the Bay Area. I went in expecting to be shown this new technique – but what I learnt was so much more.

The first day, they covered some so called \”basics” – composition, filters, chasing the light, histograms. Things which everyone knows all about, right? Wrong – Its amazing how much I learnt. For instance, the concept of \”Chasing the Light” opened my eyes on how to maximize the probability of good photographs – especially for me, a weekend warrior. Then there was the session about hyper focal distance, very patiently and clearly explained by Jay and Varina. They also talked about researching, and composition, and how to get it right in the camera. Then we moved gradually to Photoshop – layers and masks.

At the end of the first day, I had already learnt my money\’s worth. On day 1, when we started using photoshop, iHDR seemed like a long way away. At the end of Day 2, it seemed very easy, do-able and familiar – thanks to the excellent teaching which led us gradually step by step through the whole process.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the seminar and would highly recommend it.

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