Make it Glow – In Lightroom?

Have you heard about luminosity masks? These are masks or selections, in Photoshop or other image editing programs, based on the brightness of the pixels. So we can have a selection of all the \’light\’ pixels only, or all the \’dark\’ pixels only or all the \’dark shadow\’ pixels only … you get the point. Then you can use these selections to improve on certain selective parts of your image.

I was introduced to this concept of \’Luminosity Masking\’ sometime back – and found Tony Kuyper – Luminosity masking and Tony Kuyper are almost synonymous with each other. Tony has some excellent tutorials on Photoshop at his website, and here is the link to his Luminosity Masking explanation.

After going through the tutorial, making my masks, and using the masks, I was sold on them. I ended up buying Tony\’s set of actions (as a way to support him for all the excellent tutorials he writes for free). With that package of actions, I got a \’Make it Glow\’ action .

Tony recommends it for sandstone images and other southwest us landscapes. I used it on my photos of Lower Calf Creek Falls – and wow!, I love the way it looks!

Here\’s an excerpt of how the \’Make it Glow\’ action works from this blog post by Tony:

\”It simultaneously increases contrast and saturation in a smooth manner across the entire image. It essentially imparts a glow to the image that looks pretty natural. A low-contrast, low-saturation image that has lots of texture is a good place to try it. ”

And another excerpt from the same post
\”Since it makes a pretty dramatic change, lowering the opacity of the layer it’s on can help decrease the effect if it goes too far. Also, a vibrance mask on the layer can help restrict the effect to less-saturated areas of the image.”

This action is really awesome – but now, I\’m wondering, how I can create a similar effect in the develop module in Lightroom 4? Where do I start? I found this link on how to create the \’Orton Effect\’ in Lightroom ” by Helen Bradley. By playing with her technique and applying the concept behind the \’make it Glow\’ action, I\’m trying to figure out if I can actually create a \’Make it Glow\’ effect. So that is one of my new projects – making a \’Make it Glow\’ preset for Lightroom 4.

If you know of someone who has already done this, can you pretty please send me a link to their website / preset so I don’t have to figure this out by myself? Please?

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