• Moral Letters Vol II by Seneca

    Cover of Moral Letters Vol II

    My first full length audio narration, narrated for Librivox.

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    This is the second volume of the Letters, Epistles LXVI-XCII. Among the personalities of the early Roman Empire there are few who offer to the readers of to-day such dramatic interest as does Lucius Annaeus Seneca, the author of the Epistles. These letters, written by Seneca towards the end of his life, are all addressed to his friend Lucilius, who, at the time when these letters were written, was a procurator in Sicily. The form of this work, as Bacon says, is a collection of essays rather than of letters.

    Published: July 28, 2018


  • Techmart

    Cover of Techmart

    Download from: SoFoBoMo

    This is the place I work. This is the building I drive in to five days a week. This is the building I drive out to five days a week...

    SoFoBoMo 2016

    Published: August 2016

  • Shadows and Reflections

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    We walk through the world, our world, day and night, looking at it, being in it. But seldom do we realize that there is an another world hidden in plain sight. A world of beauty and darkness, almost monochrome, almost surreal - the world of shadows and reflections - in our streets, our parks, our houses and our gardens, anywhere, only if we bother to look at.

    This book is an attempt at looking at this beautiful, ethereal, transient world of shadows and reflections.

    SoFoBoMo 2015

    Published: August 2015

  • After Sunset

    Cover of After Sunset

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    A PDF photo-ebook made in July 2011 for SoFoBoMo 2011. (~ 12.5 MB file). These are photographs made along the Santa Cruz & San Mateo coasts, California – after sunset over the span of 31 days.


    Published: August 2011

  • Gogol

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    A PDF Photo ebook of Gogol.(~ 8mb file)

    Published: 2009