Music vs. Images

\’A picture is worth a thousand words\’ we hear again and again. But how much is a picture worth compared to music?

Just this morning, I was listening to some glorious opera music. And I was transported away to some place of soaring and moving and emotion. That made me wonder – For every person, there is a kind of music which makes them happy, makes them sad, cheers them up, inspires them, moves them to tears..

What is the equivalent of this in images? Does everyone have images which also makes them happy? sad? provides inspiration? calms them down? If so do we recognize that this is what the picture does – or does it get acknowledged only in the sub-conscious?

Is this because of all the visuals we are bombarded with everyday? What does this mean for us photographers who want to pour our emotions out into photographs? Will it be seen?

More questions than answers today, I\’m afraid!

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