It\’s about time I did this. I am releasing copyright for all work in the past – my photographs, words in blog posts etc. As of today, Dec 19, 2013 they are all in the public domain.

Now, you can use my content however you want. No need to email me for permission. You can use my photographs however you want – however many times you want. You can claim them as yours if you so choose (though that is extremely rude…where are your manners?). You can share them, re-post them, print them and put them on your wall, use them for advertising – whatever. It\’s yours to do whatever you want to do with it – if you want it.


When you use my content – attribution is appreciated, will bring you good karma. Its awesome if you can just link back to the original photo or blog or just link to www.suprada.com. However it is not a legal necessity.

Why would you give attribution? Especially a link to my website? Apart from being a nice thing to do, so other people can find the stuff here so they can use it if they need it (More good karma for you).

Why Uncopyright?

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits says it better than I ever can: \”I’m not a big fan of copyright laws, especially as they’re being applied by corporations, used to crack down on the little guys so they can continue their large profits.

Copyrights are often said to protect the artist, but in most cases the artist gets very little while the corporations make most of the money. In the 4+ years I’ve done this experiment, releasing copyright has not hurt me, the creator of the content, a single bit.

I think, in most cases, the protectionism that is touted by “anti-piracy” campaigns and lawsuits and lobbying actually hurts the artist. Limiting distribution to protect profits isn’t a good thing.

The lack of copyright, and blatant copying by other artists and even businesses, never hurt Leonardo da Vinci when it comes to images such as the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, or the Vitruvian Man. It’s never hurt Shakespeare. I doubt that it’s ever really hurt any artist (although I might just be ignorant here).

And while I’m certainly not da Vinci or Shakespeare, copyright hasn’t helped me, and uncopyright hasn’t hurt me. If someone feels like sharing my content on their blog, or in any other form for that matter, that’s a good thing for me. If someone wanted to share my ebook with 100 friends, I don’t see how that hurts me. My work is being spread to many more people than I could do myself. That’s something to celebrate, as I see it.

And if someone wants to take my work and improve upon it, as artists have been doing for centuries, I think that’s a wonderful thing. If they can take my favorite posts and make something funny or inspiring or thought-provoking or even sad … I say more power to them. The creative community only benefits from derivations and inspirations.

This isn’t a new concept, of course, and I’m freely ripping ideas off here. Which is kinda the point.\”

I am very lucky in being able to earn a comfortable living, having a fulfilling job and at the same time being inspired by my horde of muses. There is so much more for me to create, to learn…and all this hanging on to my old stuff – the \’my\’ in this is somehow holding me back. After all, I am but a channel through which these things come into existence – I need to let go of them into the world too. Can\’t hold on to everything, can I? Need to make space for the new as well. There are so many new photos, new projects, new ideas in my head – creating is what makes me happy – not owning these things.

Yay! Hi-Res jpegs for one and all

So, from now on, when I post photos here, I will start posting the Hi-Res jpegs you all you good people to use – no obligations. It is too much work to go and add hi-res links to my older photos..but going forward, you will find the links.

I hope you can find good joyful uses for these photographs and words – wishing as much joy to the viewer as it was to create them!