LMMM – Week 2 in review

I am now in week 3 of my LMMM challenge. 5 more weeks to go. Week 2 was a little better compared to week 1. I did take a lot of photos of my daughter – and took one I just love! And a few of my cat. But birds on lines – didn\’t happen in week 2. I feel my technical skills have also improved in week 2.

Here is a brief summary:
Total Photos: 102 photos, 3 videos
Out of Focus Photos: 26 photos
Underexposed: 55 photos
Overexposed: 2

What I learned from Week 2:
1. Taking photos of fast-moving toddlers in low light indoors is very challenging – especially with manual focus and manual exposure.
2. It is also a lot of fun!
3. It helps to think forward and decide on aperture for the entire possible scene. Basically it helps to think about what your aperture means. I am understanding aperture selections a lot more!
4. I can make photos I like without even stepping out of the house!

What to work on for week 3::
1. take more photos (try to take some everyday!)
2. Take photos of everything around.
3. Especially of the cat, and birds on lines
4. Work more on nailing desired exposure.
5. Take more photos.
6. Maybe take portraits of friends and colleagues? (I was not a portrait/people photographer – but am I mutating?)

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