In Preparation for Black and White Film Development

One of the rules/goals of the Leica Year is to shoot black and white film, and another one is to develop it myself with constant monitored settings. So before starting on my Leica year, I need to get acquainted with this exciting world of home film development.

I spent a few weeks reading up on what to do, and what I need. Here is the summary of my research.

Links I used to learn about developing film (I am sure you will find lots of others on the web – I used these the most):
Developing your own film ā€“ a how to guide
How to Choose Black and White Film
How to start processing black and white film at home (I borrowed the sock hanger idea from here)

YouTube Videos which helped me (a lot!). Nothing like watching these videos (a lot!) to help internalize the process – that way, when you actually do it for the first time, it won’t be totally alien to your brain (kind of).

How To Load 35mm Film Into A Paterson Tank System 4 – This video is highly recommended if you are an absolute, total, green newbie (like me!)
Developing Black and White Film with Kodak D-76 – This video was very useful to me as well.

Equipment I bought:
– 1 Film Changing Bag off ebay – $18.99
Off Craigslist I bought for the following used for $35.00:
– 1 Paterson 600ml Graduat cylinder
– 4 1-quart size Darkroom Chemical Containers
Paterson Super System 4 Multi Reel tank with 2 reels (tank can hold 3 35mm reels)
Sock dryer / hanger (20 peg, all plastic, round, two sets of rings) off amazon to dry film in the bathroom shower stall – 11.95
Kodak D-76 powder to make 1 liter – $5.70
Kodak Liquid Rapid Fixer Part A & B – 15.117
Photographers Formulary FormaFlo wetting agent (4oz)- $4.30
Smartphone app to help with timers, tracking, and what to do next – Massive Dev Chart Timer App – $8.99
Total Cost – $100.1 (Camera, Lens, film rolls not counted)

My plan is to scan the developed film. For this I plan to use the scanner I already have – The Epson V300 flatbed scanner with film holder. I now need to look into the world of film scanning – of course, after I develop my first roll!

Tip: Watch the YouTube video, and read the links – many times – before trying to develop film for the first time

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    Thanks for the link back to my blog post, much appreciated

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