Belly Dancing in a crowded restaurant

Belly Dancing in a crowded restaurant
Belly Dancing in a crowded restaurant, by Suprada on Flickr.

Belly Dancing in a crowded restaurant, San Francisco
This was the first time I saw a male and a female belly dancer perform. I must say it was mind blowing. The whole crowd was clapping and cheering along.
Thanks for your comments Nelcha, Prashanth, Vikas, Vid! I\’m leaving comments in reply 🙂

Technical Details
Exposure: 1/30sec at f / 1.8 (Had to use the lens wide open for indoor light. Accounts for the extremely shallow depth of field)
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 400 – (Shooting indoors)
Flash: Did fire (Couldn\’t have seen anything without Flash)
Lens: Canon 50mm f / 1.8
Camera: Canon Rebel XT
Time: 9:08 PM
Date: April 7, 2007

3 thoughts on “Belly Dancing in a crowded restaurant

  1. The head of the person in the front is kind of distracting. I think you captured the expressions on the guy’s face very well. I would like to have seen a closer shot of him alone. Not with this photo though. The female in the back would be a problem.

  2. Another tough shot to pull off ..
    Low light .. crowded place .. moving bodies ..
    hence .. the background clutter and the foreground head kinda is understandable.
    But wonder if a differnt crop could be used to eliminate the top of the frame ..
    has lot of space and is really not a negative space as it has distracting elements.
    Perhaps a horizontal crop closer to the head?
    Again the expression is the main element, he really is enjoying what he does and it shows.
    I actually like the 2nd dancer position .. nice profile view .. nice addition.

  3. Sreekar, Vikas, Thanks for your comments.

    Sreekar, I totally agree about that person’s head. Its very distracting. Thing is I couldn’t crop the head out. Getting closer/moving around was not an option in this packed restaurant..So I have to live with the defects, or clone it out 🙂

    Vikas – Thanks for your comments. The place was absolutely as you describe. Low light was an understatement. I had to use flash. I’ll go back and try a closer crop. I remember trying to crop closer, but I was thinking of retaining the lights on the top left to kinda anchor the photo. Obviously, that did not work 🙂

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