Golden Gate Bridge at Night – 1

Golden Gate Bridge at Night - 1
Golden Gate Bridge at Night – 1, by Suprada on Flickr.

Golden Gate Bridge at Night – 1, San Francisco, California.
\”A night photograph is a collection of time and light.\”

My first keeper with my new Canon 50D. The camera came on Tuesday evening and after playing with it for a bit, I was itching to take it out for some real outdoor shooting. The opportunity came when we had to go to San Francisco on Friday to attend an event. After the event, at 2.00AM, we made our way to a pull out past the Golden Gate Bridge. It had been drizzling a while back, but it was nice and clear with patches of fog rolling in and out while I was shooting this image. It is extremely magical photographing outside at night. I feel like an an outsider looking into a new world all ready to be discovered.

Currently reading / looking at Michael Kenna: A 20 Year Retrospective and getting super-inspired. Love how \”quiet” his images are. I am now contemplating on \”quiet night” images…is there such a thing?

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon EOS 50D 15.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
Exposure: 30s @ f8.0
Focal Length: 23mm
ISO: 100
WB: Daylight
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
Date: February 13, 2010
Location: 37.82883333,-122.48600000

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14 thoughts on “Golden Gate Bridge at Night – 1

  1. wonderful tone to this picture. Very nicely done. Possible improvement – tone down the intensity of the lights on the right side of the image as it draws the eye to it and detracts from the scene.

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